Friday, November 25, 2011

Jean's Late Birthday Celebration

November 19 my friend, Bonna, sent me a text message that we are going to celebrate Jean's Birthday. A lunch with Faith and Anj at Jean's Dorm. The three of them, Bonna, Faith and Anj, waited freaking one and a half hour for me before we went to Jean's room. We ate our lunch right away b/c they were really HUNGRY waiting for me haha.

L-R: Anj-Bonna-me-Faith-Jean

After eating and chatting, we decided to go somewhere, were we can have fun, not just sitting on a four walled room, they want go out for an adventure. Faith suggested to go to a Sanctuary of Butterflies, so the 5 of us agreed to go to a Butterfly Sanctuary located in Basak, Pardo, Cebu City, along Basak Elementary School. When we got there, we asked if how much is the entrance fee, and it costs P50 for adults, and we even ask for a favor if we can pay half the price, silly us. The old man who was very kind said that we don't need to pay the entrance fee, a donation will do. ^_^

The old man, Kuya Boy, was the son of the founder of Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Museum and Art Gallery. He was our guide at that time, he thought us many things about butterflies ^^. That you need a specific plant to attract a butterfly in your garden where they can lay their eggs. Aside from plants, butterflies are attracted to flowers b/c of its nectar and the scent of the flowers serves as a come-hither. Kuya Boy said if you'll spray some perfume, the butterflies will hover around but we didn't get the chance to see it because it was late afternoon when we got there. Kuya Boy said the the best time for viewing is in the morning.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary Museum and Art Gallery was founded by an artist and a lepidopterist, Professor Julian Jumalon, he was a fine arts student actually. Professor Jumalon dedicated his life to the study and preservation of butterflies and moths. He started his butterfly sanctuary in 1974 by collecting different kinds of butterflies from different places around the world.

Jumalon Butterfly Sanctuary features also a museum and an art gallery. The museum displays different kinds of preserved colorful butterflies. The art gallery features the artworks of Professor Julian Jumalon, which are paintings and a lepido mosaic, mosaics made from butterfly wings, of the painting.
We really had a great day. ^o^ We will be back at the Sanctuary with some of our friends and this time we should be going there in the morning. :)