Saturday, September 3, 2011

Kellin Quinn Bostwick


photos are taken here

Married to Katelynne

Born on April 24, 1986

Height: 5'8"

Siblings: 2 sisters: Kailey & Harper and 2 brothers *don't know their names *

Daughter: Copeland Quinn Bostwick *born May 18, 2012

Favorite Colors: green, navey blue, swamp green, black, grey :) " I like to stick to the basic "

Tattoos: treble clef on his elbow ! an eighth note on his left wrist and a bass clef on his right wrist because music is such a huge thing in his life :) ! A lion on his right forearm for his faith ! and "Before You I Serve Nothing" tattooed on his chest for his faith :) !
He got a lock on his heart for his eight tattoo, and Katelynne, his fiance, got a key on her arm
*source: his formspring account

Kellin Quinn Bostwick, Quinn is his middle name . He had lots of side projects, he was in Closer 2 Closure, For All We Know , Screenplay and Our Name in City Lights. Since 2009 he performs with Sleeping With Sirens. He can rap, beatbox, sing and scream. ♥


  1. i love you i go to your counserts alot and one time my sis pullded ur shirt off...

  2. *he's a shit screamer and should stick to singing.

    1. pffffffttttt Kellin is a great screamer, I saw him live and his screams were the best I had ever heard!!!! Thats a very unnecessary thing to say, the majority of us love his screams so you're just gunna get a bunch of bs now, haha have fun with that!

    2. u r stupid he is amazing!!!! you r just jelose

    3. Um...

      1) he is actually a good screamer
      2) you fan girls are delusional because he is in no way the best screamer ever. I leave that honor to Austin Carlile :) though Kellin is definitely one of the best all around vocalists out there. He is most definitely one of the best singers. Screamer? No. He is an awesome screamer, but not one of the best.

    4. Hahaha, Yeah, you must have issues if you think he is a bad screamer.. LOL Go clean out your ears.

  3. Fuck yourself anonymous. Keep your stupid and untrue comments to yourself if you're gunna hide behind the computer screen and not even say who you are.

  4. I love it! He's an awesome singer and he's so handsome! <3 thank you for this, i've been looking for it haha :)

  5. I agree with Amiah Uqdah! (:

  6. Kellin's Favorite Color is Navy Blue? (:x

  7. what religion is he?

  8. thank you so much who ever wrote this. i am doing a project for my langue arts class and need all the information i can get.

  9. Thanks you so much for whoever wrote this!!! I'm such a new fan to Kellin Quinn and his band Sleeping With Sirens, and I wish I had an account to show who I am on this comment, but I'm also very mad at the previous comment to someone who said Kellin was a terrible screamer? They should have never said that and, thanks again for posting this! It helped a lot with a story I'm about to write for a fanfiction online!!! Thank you, you awesome person!!!

    P.S. I think I'm using my Google account to post this so I might not be "anonymous".