Tuesday, January 3, 2012

awhile ago, i was sorting my stuff and guess what i found? i found the letters i wrote for my ex, my first bf haaha. so i read the letters and i was like, 'did i really wrote these letters?' haha and i didn't bother to finish reading it hehe and ended up burning the letters. >:)


  1. i totally know how this feels. lol hahaha i feel like burning the whole house to make sure i get rid of all the shit :))

  2. hehehe...omg, I've done the SAME thing! I used to keep a sketchbook (cuz I was an art major) with life drawings of him doing things like sleeping or playing video games. I burned that bitch with PLEASURE! xD

    Anywho, you've got an adorable blog! I would be obliged if you checked out mine :D
    thnx love~

  3. burning is the easiest way to get rid of the stuff that reminds us of our past lover haahaha >:)

    @jel: haahha feel the same way, uurrrggghh if only it's legal to do that haaha :)

    @mrs Finley: thank you :) and i can't view your blog :c did you change your url?