Sunday, June 10, 2012

Giveaway Winner = me :)

In the past  months, i was so lucky, wait no, i was so blessed to win some of the giveaways i joined. Here are the stuff that i won. This is gonna be a long post >:D<

This was from Rise and Fall's giveaway last December 2011.  This was the FIRST giveaway that i won in my entire life. haaha. yes, i was really happy when i read the my email. 
Love the tinker bell necklace and until now i'm still using the mickey mouse earphone :)


I received an email last January 15, 2012 from Konekotantan and hermessykitchen that i won their giveaway. I was so happy b/c i won two separate giveaways ^_^

The items that i won from  Konekotantan were so kawaii. My niece and lil sis loves the Rilakumma calendar and sticker >:D and the the brownies from hermessykitchen  was so yummy. They also bake any kind of pastries, check out their site here  :">


Firmoo Glasses that me and my sister won from Marie Castro :D
This wrap around sunglasses from Firmoo is perfect here in our country 
b/c it's so hot here that's why we really need sunglasses >:D. The sunglasses came in a plastic case with a micro-fiber lens cloths, a black bag and a screwdriver w/ screws :) and did I mention that the shipping was very fast.? c:

If you're looking for a sunglasses, i would recommend Firmoo sunglasses, and hey they don't only  sell sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses are also available @ Frimoo

You can check out Firmoo's site  and be prepared to see many different styles of glasses to choose from at a very affordable price :)


May 4, 2012 I received an email from Sunny of  things which make me smile that i won her giveaway >:D<

I really love the products that i won from her giveaway and I am now using it heehe
 There was also a card inside the package, so cute of her ^_^


I got this package two days ago. It's a Butterbeer necklace made by HearHoofBeatsThinksZebras Jewellery  from 'What's Hot? Harry Potter themed giveaway

You can check out  HearHoofBeatsThinksZebras Jewellery 's shop here 
i love all the items they are selling, if only i can buy all of them teehehe :)

whew, that was a long post. haaha
i really love joining giveaways, especially if the prizes are so cute teehehe and maybe soooon i'lll be hosting a giveaway, not sure when but maybe when i have enough followers horray for that :) 

i promise to be an active blogger again 
and i'll be posting reviews on the product i'm using next time >:)

xoxo <3

ps: you can click the photo to see it in it's original size C:


  1. Thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck to you!

  2. You are one lucky girl!!! Love the prizes!! Btw I have a giveaway too you might wanna try your luck :-) xx Forever Nineteen

  3. @mimika. you're welcome hope i win *fingers crossed teehehe =)
    @chari T. thank you, i'll visit your blog right away =) <3

  4. wow lucky you! ^^

    followed your blog, hope u too follow my blog.